Galilea Montijo explodes against Sergio Mayer for claiming the success of Wendy Guevara

The politician assures that the influencer earned around 4 million pesos thanks to her intervention

Wendy Guevara recently announced that Sergio Mayer tried to unseat her manager as soon as the first season of ‘La Casa de los Famosos México’ ended, he even tried to get her to sign some contracts to carry out some campaigns, but he would not have convinced her. It didn’t take long for the influencer’s revelations to reach the ears of her former colleague from ‘Team Infierno’, who did not hesitate to defend herself before the media.

In a recent meeting with the press, Sergio Mayer denied that he had tried to become Wendy Guevara’s manager: “You have ever heard that I have been a manager, that I have represented someone, no one. What’s more, I asked Joel, her manager, to represent me, that’s how absurd the statements are. “I am a businessman, I am a producer, I am pragmatic and I do business.”

Likewise, he assured that he has only collaborated with his former reality show partner in advertising campaigns. She even revealed that a few days ago she gave around 600 thousand Mexican pesos to the influencer’s manager as payment for a job they had done.

“They can’t stand work and they can’t stand success, because to date no one has proven that it is advantageous. Being advantageous by being an entrepreneur? For bringing 4 million pesos to Wendy’s table? If she says: ‘she stole from me, she cheated on me, she lied to me,’ I want to hear her,” she said.

Sergio Mayer’s interview was taken up in a Televisa morning broadcast, where Martha Figueroa, Tania Rincón and Galilea Montijo jumped to the defense of the Guanajuato influencer. Not only did they insist that her success is the result of her personality, charisma and dedication, they also assured that thanks to her the other members of ‘Team Infierno’ shined.

“That whole room grew thanks to Wendy,” said Martha Figueroa.

“I find everything that is happening very sad because you, Sergio, more than anyone know that life, especially in this, we are going to meet and the sun rises for everyone. Better not fight, fix things. He has his phones and to continue giving statements is to continue being in the public eye,” added Galilea Montijo.