Galilea Montijo is seen in privacy in a bathtub; her boyfriend’s reaction says it all

Galilea Montijo.


The host stirs up the networks with hot images.

Galilea Montijo is enjoying his time to the fullest romantic December vacation with her boyfriend, Isaac Morenoin Tokyo Japan.

The last:

While-Galilea-Montijo-walks-with-her-boyfriend-in-Japan-Fernando-Reina-brings-a-serenade-to-Elda Molina.jpg


While Galilea Montijo walks with her boyfriend in Japan, Fernando Reina serenades Elda Molina

Daniela Parra calls Vanessa Bauche a “mythotera” and the controversy ignites


Daniela Parra calls Vanessa Bauche a “mythotera” and the controversy ignites

While Fernando Reina, ex-husband of the host of ‘Hoy’he was serenading presenter Elda Molinawho could be your new partnerLa Gali’ turned on the networks by posing in a bathtubin Asian lands.

The Spanish model, Isaac Morenoimmediately reacted to the images that his girlfriend uploaded: “In love”he wrote in Japanese along with two love emojis.

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