Galilea Montijo plans to be a mother at 50 for the second time and is already looking for options

Galilea Montijo.


The presenter of ‘Hoy’ wants to have the couple.

After having announced his separation from her husband, Fernando Reinaafter 11 years of marriage, Galilea Montijo gave herself another chance at lovenow with the Spanish model named Isaac Moreno.

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Galilea Montijo does not want to stop wanting and plans to become a mother at 50 years old

They close-La-Casita-de-las-Sopas-restaurant-of-Carmen-Salinas-in-CDMX-after-25-years-of-service.jpg


La Casita de las Sopas, Carmen Salinas’ restaurant in CDMX, closes after 25 years of service

The famous host continues to enjoy her courtship to the fullestbut She doesn’t want to be left with the desire to become a mother for the second time at 50 years old.hence He already plans to give his son, Mateo, a little sister..

“Personally It is clear to me that I can no longer get pregnant.then yes I’m looking for an option because I don’t want to be stuck with the desire of a girl.. I don’t know, the option of adopting, of a womb, I have no idea, but I don’t want to be left with that desire,” he indicated in ‘Netas Divinas’.

Faced with the excitement of his companions, ‘The Gali’ express: “Can I borrow your belly? I love the idea, I don’t want to stay with the desire of a girl. I have to get closer to adopting a wombI don’t know… Let the granddaughters grow up! This is the first time I’ve said it, I don’t want to be left wanting.”.

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