Galilea Montijo: what is the real reason behind his absence in “Hoy”

Photo: Instagram / @ galileamontijo

One more time, Galilea Montijo set off the alarms by not showing up this Friday at Today. The tapatia could not attend the morning of Televisa because traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the delivery of the Latin Grammy Awards 2021, where he met great Latin American artists.

Martha Galilea Montijo Torres figure in the middle of entertainment as one of the main conductors of Today, a program from which he has stolen the hearts of the public thanks to his incomparable charisma. For that reason, every time he is absent from the morning, he causes a stir on social networks and speculation about why they begin to emerge.

On this occasion, Galilea Montijo pushed back the rumors and shared with his Instagram followers exclusive images that he took at the Latin Grammy awards gala, which is why he was unable to return to Mexico City in time to accompany Andrea Legarreta, Raúl Araiza, Tanía Rincón, Paul Stanley and Andrea Escalona placeholder image in the program.

Galilea Montijo at the Grammys in Las Vegas
Photos: Instagram / galileamontijo

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