Galilea Montijo wore an incredible “aesthetic” outfit that left her boyfriend, Isaac Moreno, speechless

Galilea Montijo received hundreds of compliments thanks to her curious look.


Galilea Montijo She made it clear, with her most recent photographs, why she is one of the most stylish women in the world of Mexican entertainment, not even Isaac Moreno, her boyfriend, could resist!

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After the driver of Today showed off her enviable figure through the various bikinis she wore during her vacation in Bali, Indonesia, Galilea Montijo made it clear to us that not only “fashion” suits her, but also “aestethic”!

Galilea Montijo He did not hesitate to boast, before today’s cameras, the latest in fashion trendsdrawing sighs from her followers and, of course, her boyfriend could not be left behind.


It was through his official Instagram account that Galilea Montijo left more than one person with their mouths open after he boasted the incredible “aesthetic” outfit she worked with this Thursday in the morning Today.

Galilea Montijo entertained viewers with a long black satin skirt, a white blouse with a print of Blondie singer Debbie Harry as well as a huge metal choker which, without a doubt, stole all eyes.

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However, in the opinion of many fans, all this fell short of Galilea’s footwear: two huge black and white cowboy boots that ended up giving that unique touch to the whole.

The picture of Galilea Montijo showing off her “aesthetic” look, she has accumulated, to date, more than 22 thousand likes and hundreds of flattering comments, but none like the one from her boyfriend, Isaac Moreno, who, shocked by such a waste of style, only managed to write: Woooouuuuu!!