Game of Thrones actress Carice van Houten was arrested during an environmental protest in the Netherlands

A protest organized by the environmental group Extinction Rebellion took place this Saturday in The Hague, the Netherlands, and had the special presence of a media figure.

Committed to the cause that seeks to raise awareness about the conservation of the planet, the actress of game of Thrones who puts himself in the shoes of Melisandre, Carice van Houtenjoined the call for this weekend.

Carice van Houten plays Melisandre in the hit series Game of Thrones

With this, there are already seven marches called by the organization, which protests against the grants that the government grants to fossil fuelswhich they point out as a “ridiculous policy.”

This initiative of the Executive aims at projects that require Petroleum, coal and gasand whose tax beneficiaries receive direct aid that implies -among other things- price support from energy companies.

Carice van Houten participated in an environmental protest in the Netherlands
Carice van Houten participated in the protest and ended up in detention

According to the British group, with a strong presence in the Netherlands, the money earmarked for this is five times more than the total national budget allocated to the fight against climate change.

That is why, in addition to demanding that this money be used for a just climate cause, they also request the creation of a National Citizen Assembly on Climate and the Environment with the objective that the city be climate neutral in 2025.

Among the videos broadcast on social networks, you could see people with signs protesting the damage that the exploitation of these resources generates on the planet, as well as disguises of the machines used in oil extraction.

Although a group of demonstrators remained peaceful, order was disturbed in another sector and the security forces had to proceed to suppress them with water cannons.

The episode concluded with “a total of 1,579 people” arrestedincluding van Houten and some 40 of them prosecuted for vandalism charges. Also, a subject bit a police officer while he was being detained.

Although it is unknown if the actress is part of the dozens of defendants, she confirmed on her social networks that she had already been released and did not allude to any worsening in her legal situation.

Moments after the arrests, police confirmed that they had managed to disperse the protesters and normal flow had been restored on the blocked A12 highway.

In recent times, protests for environmental, ecological and animal protection causes have gained great importance and are putting more and more firm pressure on executives.

One of the victims recently was the King Charles III after, this Wednesday, three women from the group Animal Rising entered illegally in its case in sandringham and will steal three lambs.

king carlos animalists
An animal protection group stole three lambs from a King Carlos III estate (Twitter: @AnimalRising)

The group assured that this robbery, considered -in their opinion- a “rescue”, was the only way to give them “a life in freedom” since, “otherwise, they would have been taken to the slaughterhouse soon and people would have taken them away.” Eaten”.

After ensuring the freedom of the animals, the three women, Rose, Sarah and Rosa, turned themselves in to the authorities although they defended their actions “out of compassion” and trusted that “a jury of ordinary people will side with care and freedom ”.

(With information from AFP)

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