Geomagnetic storm destroys at least 40 SpaceX internet satellites

SpaceX reported that at least 40 of the company’s satellites were expelled from orbit after registering a geomagnetic storm.

At least 40 satellites for high-speed internet SpaceX They were driven out out of its orbit due to a geomagnetic storm just after its launch, without this implying a threat to Earth as they disintegrate in the atmosphere, the company reported.

Geomagnetic storms cause them emissions from the solar corona towards space, cause disturbances in the upper part of the earth’s atmosphere and increase the drag of objects to low orbits.

The 49 most recent satellites of the star link networklaunched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on February 3, welcomed success its initial orbit with the approach to the surface of 210 km height.

The company located them in that region to check security measures before sending them further into space.

On February 4, however, the hit the space climatic phenomenon, assured at the end of Tuesday the company of Elon Musk.

“These storms cause atmospheric heating and atmospheric density at our low takeoff altitudes. In fact, onboard GPS suggests that the storm’s escalation in speed and severity caused atmospheric drag that was up to 50% higher than previous launches,” he said in a statement.

The team of star link commanded the satellites towards a mode of securitywhere they could glide like sheets of paper, to minimize drag as they sought shelter from the event.

In spite of the evasive maneuvermost could not raise their orbit and up to 40 of them “will enter or have already entered the Earth’s atmosphere.”

The company insisted that they represent “zero risk of collision” with other satellites and that they are designed for disintegrate as they re-enter. Nor is it expected debris of these reach the ground.

Although closely monitoring UK Space Agency also agreed that there was “virtually no risk” on the ground because the satellites are built without dense metals and their structure it should burn completely. The POTfor his part, has not commented on the event.

Starlink is aconstellation” of over 2 thousand satellites and provides coverage in practically the entire planet.

The first batch was launched in May 2019 and SpaceX currently has regulatory approval for shipping 12 thousandwith plans for further expansion.

astronomers have manifested concerns about the impact of these satellites in field astronomical work because they add a congested spectrum in the Low Earth Orbit (OBT or LEO in English)

There are approximately 4 thousand active satellites in that region, which extends to 1,900km Over the surface. There are also some 15 thousand pieces debris from objects such as rocket casings or defunct probes.