Georgia’s seat in the Senate, crucial to defining the majority in the House, will be decided in a second round

Georgia’s seat in the Senate, crucial to defining the majority in the House, will be decided in a second round (AFP)

The seat at stake Georgia in the Senate will be defined in a Second round since none of the candidates got 50% of the votes. The polls will open again on 6th of December to define the future of this bank, which is crucial to determine the most of the Upper House.

According to projections, during Super Tuesday the applicant democrat -the priest Raphael Warnock– and the republican -former football player Herschel-Walker– were tied with about 49% of the votes. The remaining 2 percent went to the third candidate, Libertarian Chase Oliver.

Georgia together with Snowfall Y Arizona They are considered key states since its result in these mid-term elections determines if it is the Democrats who will retain the majority in the Senate or if, on the contrary, it will be the Republicans who take control of the chamber. In turn, this result is closely followed in Washington, since the loss of the Democratic majority in the Senate would define the course of the next two years of Joe Bidenwho would be forced to deal more than ever with opposition.

The ballotage in Georgia will be decisive in defining control of the Senate (REUTERS)
The ballotage in Georgia will be decisive in defining control of the Senate (REUTERS) (CHENEY ORR /)

If we follow the current trend of the count, Snowfall would be painted a red republican and Arizonablue democrat. That is why the second round in Georgia will be decisive.

This is not, however, the first time that Georgia has kept the United States on edge. Two years ago, during the presidential elections, the dispute between Biden and Donald Trump gave the first victory by a minimal difference. Given this, the former president denounced electoral fraud and demanded a recount of votes, which ratified Biden’s victory.

In addition, that same year, the seat in the Senate was also defined in a second round that, finally, gave the winner to the Democratic candidate.

On Tuesday’s election night, both Georgia candidates confidently addressed their supporters.

Raphael Warnock asked
Raphael Warnock asked to “keep the faith” for the second round (REUTERS) (BOB STRONG /)

Democratic Senator raphael Warnock He told his voters at an Atlanta hotel that he has “a good feeling” and, citing his profession as a Baptist reverend, asked to “keep the faith” in the race in which he is seeking re-election.

For its part, the profile of the Republican candidate is more controversial. Walker is a pupil of Trump and former American football figure. Her campaign included strong opposition to abortiondespite the fact that two women accuse him of having financed their termination of pregnancy.

“I did not come here to lose”he exclaimed confidently before his faithful.

“I have not come here to lose,” exclaimed Herschel Walker in Atlanta (REUTERS) (JONATHAN ERNST /)

Control of the United States Congress is still pending, hours after the close of tight elections in which the Democratic Party surprised with a performance higher than predicted in the polls and a Republican wave that was slowed down, with a special beating of several of the most extremist candidates blessed by Trump.

As for the gubernatorial race, the Republican candidate in Georgia –Brian Kempachieved his re-election comfortably facing Democrat Stacey Abrams, a well-known African-American rights activist. Kemp has distanced himself from Trump after rejecting allegations of fraud in the state.

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