Geraldine Bazán misses a “like” in a publication about Gabriel and Irina’s crisis

One of the most notorious scandals was the one that involved Geraldine Bazán, Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva, when the heartthrob began his romance with the actress of Russian origin. After getting engaged and postponing their wedding, the couple faces rumors and the mother of the actor’s daughters could not remain indifferent.

And it is that the Gossip no like program assured that Irina Baeva has been very close to actor Britt George, fueling rumors of an alleged crisis between the actress and Gabriel Soto.

On Instagram, the Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani program celebrated that several media took up the news but found a “Like” from Geraldine Bazán’s official account.

By “liking” it could be inferred that Geraldine is aware of the rumors and remains a spectator to what time will confirm. Could it be that Gabriel and Irina do have problems and their wedding will be cancelled?

The fact is that Soto’s ex deleted her “likes”, but Javier Ceriani had already confirmed that it was the actress’s account.

Meanwhile, neither Gabriel nor Irina have been clear about their current situation, although they reappeared very lovingly. However, they did it for a commercial for a shoe company.

Infidelity and clues.

Time turned Irina and Gabriel into one of the most romantic couples in the world, but the beginning of their relationship was full of scandal. It was Geraldine Bazán who confirmed that her then-partner was unfaithful to her with Baeva and that he told her: “It’s just a consolation, I see her from time to time.”

For her part, Irina Baeva shared her position: “Nobody has the absolute truth….If at this moment said situation marks me as ‘the bad one’, I accept it with my head held high, without blaming third parties. I fully trust that time and life will put things in their place without the need to be labeled as the victim or the executioner. I fell in love with a separated man who honestly told me that the only thing that united him with his partner, with his former partner, was a role. That’s why we both decided to start a relationship.”

Meanwhile, Gabriel Soto assured that Geraldine hid details. Among his statements, he highlights: “Dirty dishes are washed at home. It is his version, very respectable; but evidently he does not give some details that I think he does not give them for his convenience”.

However, Geraldine shared one after another, the clues that made her see what her daughters’ father was doing. Bazán and Soto divorced in 2018.

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