Geraldine Bazán talks about Giovanni Medina: We are a good team of single parents

Geraldine Bazán and Giovanni Medina could be dating.

Geraldine Bazán and Giovanni Medina would be giving each other a new chance at love.

Some days ago, Gabriel Soto wished all the happiness in the world to the mother of his daughters, Geraldine Bazángiven the possibility that the actress is dating Ninel Conde’s ex, Giovanni Medina.

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“As long as she is happy and well, as long as my daughters are well and happy, I wish her all the happiness. As long as they are and are treated well, everything is fine, that is what is important, that there is good treatment and respect, obviously my daughters tell me everything.”

There are more and more moments that The actress and the Mexican businessman are captured arriving on a trip, like this time Geraldine Bazan He could not hide from the cameras to answer whether or not he is with Medina.

“People love to invent, don’t make things where there aren’t any, we have been friends for many years. You always put fireworks where there are none, and gossip where there are none. Everything is good, our children get along very well, let’s say that we have made a good team of single parents, my daughters are already very bored of being with me, he is a great friend, and it is not from now.