Gerard Piqué did not cry for Shakira but he did cry (and a lot) for soccer

Gerard Piqué retired from football over the weekend with one last appearance at Barcelona’s Camp Nou in which he received a tribute that included a short speech.

Piqué was placed in the center of the field and addressed the fans and managers of the soccer club that packed the stadium.

The emotion that Piqué showed in this farewell contrasts with what he has shown for his separation from Shakira, a subject on which he has not spoken publicly and that, when he is caught on the street to ask him about it, he always refuses to express any opinion .

The Colombian singer and the Catalan soccer player have two children and are in the process of separating after almost ten years of relationship, which was broken when Piqué decided to start a new romance with Clara Chía, an intern from his company.

In his farewell as a footballer, Gerard broke down in tears for just over a minute but managed to make a brief and painful statement.

“In life, sometimes you realize that wanting means letting go. In this relationship of so much love and so much passion between me and Barça, it was time to make space for ourselves and give ourselves a little air”.

After much crying and tears, the soccer player took the microphone again to close his brief but emotional speech.

“I am convinced that in the future I will be here again.”

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