Gerard Pique is fed up with the jokes about his breakup with Shakira

Apparently the former soccer player is already fed up with all the ridicule and situations he has faced after the separation with the Colombian Shakira

Former soccer player Gerard Piqué has been strongly pointed out as well as attacked on social networks and the media after the separation that happened with Shakira because not only have they criticized him, but his family has also been involved.

He has faced global harassment based on humor and it is that he chose to make fun of the press to get ahead of the disapproval of the public eye together with his partner Clara Chía, with whom he would have cheated on Shakira.

However, according to the journalist Saúl Ortiz, from Telecinco, the former athlete seems to be fed up with the criticism and ridicule and it is even rumored that he is considering taking legal measures to put an end to the situation he is experiencing, especially because he no longer wants to that involve his family, like his mother Montserrat Bernabéu.

“It is true that he turned grief, pain and frustration into humor in front of the media, a musical persecution of his ex-partner, but he has made the decision not to overlook the fact that the family is used again to try to generate even more hatred. and media confrontation”, according to Saúl Ortiz in Fiesta, from Telecinco.

However, it is not a confirmed issue that the former player takes legal action to end the mockery that has come to him after the series of songs that Shakira has released to close the relationship they had.

It is worth remembering that Clara Chía, Piqué’s girlfriend, has also received severe comments about the relationship she began with the former soccer player and that even led her to suffer an anxiety attack that left her in the hospital.