Gerard Piqué leaves his children in charge to see Clara Chía; Shakira is furious

Shakira is angry about what Piqué did.

Gerard Piqué leaves his children in charge, to run to see his beloved girlfriend, Clara Chía.

Shakira, 46, continues to enjoy being single and her new life in Miami, and recently she was captured again with the British pilot lewis hamilton38 years old, so speculation continues to suggest that their friendship has already gone to the next level, but neither of them has come out to deny this version.

While, Gerard Piqué He is again in the eye of controversy, because in the last hours he has received harsh criticism for having left his children in charge with their parents, Joan and Montserrat, to see his girlfriend in private, Clara Chia.


And it is that Sasha and Milan are on vacation school this summer with his father in Spain, but the Europa Press agency reported that the former Barcelona soccer player was seen arriving at the offices of Kosmos, the company he chairs and where he met his girlfriend, where she continues to work.

Pique, 36, arrived in a black vehicle with his parents and children. Apparently, he spent the first few hours having breakfast with Milan and Sasha, to later leave them in charge with his grandparents and thus spend the rest of the day with his girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti, 24 years old. Something that evidently already reached the ears of Shakira and it gave him a lot of courage.

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Much has been said about what Clara Chía, International Relations studenthas not been able to live with Gerard’s children due to an alleged agreement that the exfutbolista of the selection of Spain and Shakira signedin which it was established that the children would not live with their respective partners until it was a mutually agreed decision.

It is also speculated that Piqué is about to marry Clara Chía. The versions intensified after they were seen in a luxurious jewelry store looking at a ring that was being adjusted to fit his girlfriend.