Gerard Piqué’s decision that raised the tension with Shakira to the maximum: the meeting that became a “drama summit”

Shakira and Piqué fail to agree after choosing separate paths

Gerard Piqué decided to hang up his boots unexpectedly last Saturday, when he played his last game as a professional footballer in the victory of Barcelona 2-0 before him Almeria by Spain League. The determination seemed like a move that could open the door to an agreement between the 35-year-old footballer and Shakirahis ex-wife, in the midst of the separation and the legal bid for the custody of their children (Milan and Sasha) and the division of assets.

However, 48 hours later, when the fifth meeting between the parties was scheduled to settle differences, and with the artist hoping that with the retired defender she could settle permanently in Miami, as she wished, the tension rose to the maximum. Is that the world champion with the Spanish team in South Africa 2010 did not show up. In his place he sent his lawyer, Ramon Drummerwho represented him before the artist and Pilar Maneyour legal adviser.

As reported Telecincoperhaps confident in a friendly setting and inclined to define the situation, Shakira had prepared a catering of appetizers, but Gerard’s absence clouded the atmosphere and the conclave became a “drama summit”as described by the chronicler of the program Fresh, it’s already noon, of the aforementioned Spanish channel. Mañé did not give a statement at the time of arriving at the place, but Tamborero did, and offered details of the highest point of the bid. “We hope to reach an agreement. There is a lot of will, otherwise we would not be here”, he expressed in the first instance. “Is the problem in Miami?” They asked him. “Seems to be. He wants to be a present father, as he has been”he concluded, implying that the now former central marker does not intend to give in.

In what situation is the division of assets? Look at least more on track. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the singer would accumulate more than 300 million dollars, from what was produced in her musical career and from advertising. Piqué’s income is large, although lower. His assets would exceed 80 million dollars, based on what he perceived as a Barcelona player and the earnings of Kosmos, his company dedicated to organizing events.

Since they were together they bought two properties. One, acquired in 2012, is located in Esplugues de Llobregat, and has a price of 4.8 million dollars. Then, in 2015, they acquired another property near the Camp Nou, the stadium of the culé team, valued at USD 5.3 million.

However, the properties they owned before beginning their relationship, which began in 2010 and lasted 12 years, are not included in the judicial pull. The defender has a house that has three floors and is also worth about 5 million dollars. While the Colombian has the mansion in Miami to which she wants to move, which borders USD 14 million.

The item that generated rispideces in a jet valued at around 20 million dollars. It is a Learjet 60XR with the capacity to carry up to 10 passengers. It has a bedroom with two beds, a living room with plasma TV and a very comfortable dining room. It has an estimated hourly charter price of $4,500. When it entered the scene, it became the most expensive item they bought while they were in love. That is the question.

However, for the material there seems to be a solution. The disagreement continues to be the definition of the children’s home, who began the new school year in Catalonia.

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