Germany and the United Kingdom intercepted three Russian military planes that were flying over the Baltic Sea

Germany and the United Kingdom intercepted three Russian military planes that were flying over the Baltic Sea. (REUTERS) (VLADIMIR PIROGOV /)

Fighters of the German and British air forces intercepted three Russian reconnaissance planes in international airspace over the Baltic Seaas reported by the German Army on Wednesday.

Intercepted reconnaissance aircraft. German and British Eurofighter were alerted to identify 3 military aircraft”, wrote the German air force on Twitter.

He specified that it is two Russian SU-27 and one IL-20 military aircraft, that they were “flying again without a transponder signal in international airspace over the Baltic Sea”.

Since the states of the NATO, Estonia, Latvia and LithuaniaThey do not have their own combat aircraft, the military alliance has protected the baltic airspace since 2004 in northeastern Europe.

To do this, the allies periodically deploy in turns combat aircraft and personnel to the Baltic states bordering Russia.

He The German army handed over command of the NATO air surveillance mission to the United Kingdom after eight months in early Aprilbut until the end of the month it will continue to be supported by the German air force, which will begin its withdrawal at the beginning of May.

Incidents with Russian planes and those of countries of the NATO have multiplied in recent years, even before the start of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. A similar interception occurred on April 17.

They have happened in the Baltic Sea, but also in the Black Sea and elsewhere.

In March, Russian aviation intercepted an American Reaper MQ-9 drone in the Black Sea, which crashed into the waters. The incident caused a brief escalation in tensions between Washington and Moscow.

Last February, The United States intercepted four Russian jets near the airspace of the state of Alaska, after four aircraft were tracked in the same area.

“Russian activity near North American airspace occurs regularly and is not viewed as threatening or provocative activity,” the Russian said in a statement. Aerospace Defense Command of Aerospace Defense (NORAD).

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