Get to know Andrés Tovar’s sweet message for Maite Perroni at the start of her tour with RBD

Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar pose together for a romantic photo.


Maite Perroni He has started, together with his companions, the musical tour “Rebelde Tour” in the midst of a great personal moment due to the recent birth of his little daughter Lía, and his partner, Andrés Tovar, did not hesitate to send a tender message to his partner.

Dulce María, Christopher Uckermann, Anahí Benítez, Christian Chávez and Maité Perroni began a series of concerts on August 25 that will take place in the United States, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, which will culminate on December 21 with a massive presentation at the Azteca Stadium which has already caused a furor among fans.

On social media, especially Instagram, hehe members of RBD have not hesitated to upload brief reels of the moments that have passed at the beginning of “Rebelde Tour”; obviously, Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar could not be the exception. However, among the publications, a romantic exchange of messages stands out.


Through his official Instagram account, Andrés Tovar uploaded a romantic photo with Maite Perroni and dedicated these beautiful words:

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“You just became a mom and here you are! You are a being with a light and a spectacular force that illuminates any place with your mere presence and smile.. Seeing you shine, singing and dancing, seeing you enjoy, there is no greater joy than seeing you and feeling so happy doing what you like the most. Receive and share all this love with all your people who deserve it! From your brothers from other lives RBD (as you call them), from your fans whom you love so much and from all the RBD audience, from yesterday, today, forever! May it be a tour full of light and love, that gather generations and fill the hearts of people with beautiful music. Make the world vibrate with your incredible energy together, as only you know how to do it! God bless this tour! We love and admire you very much, always with you…our daughter Lía and I”.

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Maite Perroni, meanwhile, posted the same photo published by Tovar with this message: “I think I have not finished sizing what we are about to experience, my heart explodes with joy and at the same time I feel a strange loving calm and full of peace, who hugs me and makes me feel that everything is fine, that we are receiving a gift from the universe that has no price or comparison. And that you give us. Thank you for all these years of love and hope today our dream came true!!! Ready,” she wrote.