Get to know the beautiful place of Mineral del Chico in Hidalgo

The mecca of adventure tourism.

It is a beautiful town that is part of the Mountain Corridor in the state of Hidalgo and is located only 8 km from Pachuca.

The old mining town is located within the Protected Natural Area of ​​El Chico, in the middle of an incredible wooded landscape where pines, oyameles and oaks abound.

Also, in its panoramic views you can distinguish amazing rock formations that invite you to practice endless adventure sports.

It is a town of mining origin founded more than 440 years ago and although its mining splendor has now passed, it has become a destination to enjoy its history and its natural beauties.

It is characterized by its multicolored houses with red roofs that contrast with the surrounding greenery.

In its constructions you can appreciate the mixture of cultures that have passed through the town: English, Spanish and North American, among others.

In addition, it has a mystical character, since the town is often covered in a dense fog.

Activities and places:

  • Main square
  • Parish of the Immaculate Conception
  • The Craftsman’s House
  • mining museum
  • mines
  • House of the Witches