Get to know the beautiful place of San Felipe in Baja California

Peaceful fishing paradise

It is the closest temperate water tourist destination to California, Arizona and Nevada, just 200 kilometers from the US border.

It is a paradise to discover with an impressive landscape that combines the Sierra and the Sea of ​​Cortez. Its warm and calm waters make it an ideal place to practice water sports and guarantee exceptional fishing.

One of the unique characteristics of San Felipe is that it is 3 m above sea level, so at low tide the water can recede up to two km, so you have the opportunity to explore the seabed, barely getting wet the feet. If you want to get some clams all you need is a bucket and a rake and you can find several without much work.

Consag Island is located southeast of San Felipe, where you can see sea lions, seals, and seabirds. From a distance it looks like a huge white cruise ship.

Its beautiful beaches have warm waters between the months of May to October and temperate from November to April.

Activities and places:
• Enjoy water activities
• Discover its beaches
• The Pints
• Travel in an ultralight
• Percebu Lagoon
• Salty Lagoon
• San Pedro Martir National Park
• Peak of the Devil
• Enshrined Rock
• Valley of the Giants