Get to know the new functions for temporary WhatsApp messages

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The instant messaging application constantly seeks to improve the user experience through updates that improve existing functions or add others, precisely in front of this, WhatsApp has decided to add a couple of functions to its temporary messages to make them a more customizable tool.

Temporary WhatsApp messages were introduced last year, with this function users could activate the function in a certain chat and the messages from this would be automatically deleted after 7 days; However, being a function that was only activated in each specific chat, it was tedious for people to have to activate the option in a large number of chats, From now on, users will be able to activate this tool so that messages are deleted after a certain time in all new chats that people start.

In addition to the above, now the default time for temporary messages can also be modified, since now it will not only be 7 days but users will also have the option to choose if they want temporary messages to be deleted every 24 hours or a time of up to 90 days.

To activate temporary messages by default for all new conversations, just go to Configuration or Settings; click on Bill > Privacy > Default duration or Default message duration and select a duration.

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It should be noted that this new function will come with a message that will indicate to the person that temporary messages are activated for the chat in which they are at that moment.

Users who do not want the information of a specific chat to be deleted will be able to deactivate the temporary messages in the specific chat, this will only apply in that chat and therefore the temporary messages will continue to be kept for the rest of the conversations.

Under the same privacy line, the messaging application this year implemented a function to send photos and videos that can only be viewed once, for this, in the preview of the file and before clicking the send button, they must click on the number 1 which is circled, this way the sent file can only be viewed once.

Another addition to the temporary messages is that from now on people will be able to activate this option in the groups they are going to create, so the existing ones will not be affected.

It is important to clarify that the default temporary messages option will only apply to new chats, therefore existing conversations will have the function activated and this tool will have to be activated manually.

WhatsApp transforms with voice messages

The new WhatsApp audio interface will allow you to play voice messages, depending on the amplitude wave of the speaker of the person who sent the audio through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp will play audio on the platform with a sound wave design that will also include the function of playing audio at 1.5X and 2X speed.

According to the portal, the design and sound “improvements” will reach versions for Android and 2.21.2 0.18 for iOS, but there is no official data on when this transformation will take place; However, to take advantage of these design details, You must have the beta version of WhatsApp.


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