Giant bubbles appear as immersive installations around the world

Sydney-based studio Atelier Sisu creates immersive installations of massive, colorful bubbles

Sydney-based studio Atelier Sisu creates immersive art around the world. Led by Peruvian sculptor and industrial designer Renzo B. Larriviere and architectural designer and artist Zara Pasfield, the studio combines their talents with their multidisciplinary team to create public art that can be enjoyed by all.

One of his latest projects, titled Evanscent, features massive, colorful bubbles inhabiting varied environments. So far, Evanscent has been exhibited in more than 22 different cities in 12 different countries on 4 continents. From urban spaces to vast parks, these opalescent orbs add a whimsical feel wherever they are placed.

“Evanescent is an immersive temporary environment of light and sound that aims to capture the concept of ephemeral and transience in a visual form: the bubble”, says Atelier Sisu

“Evanescent is an adjective, meaning the quality of being fleeting or quickly fading away; impermanence.” Atelier Sisu points to his inspiration for the installation from the pandemic when “everything we took for granted began to disappear”.

They translated their appreciation for life and ephemeral beauty into monumental bubbles, which they create with the use of inflatable structures. “During the day, Evanscent captures sunlight through its dichroic film which reflects colors and reacts to changes in light as it moves across the sky, causing a rainbow reflection on the ground and a unique image. from all angles”, they add.

The rainbow reflective qualities of the structures perfectly mimic the appearance of real life bubbles, allowing people to interact with the installation in a childlike way. Be sure to follow Atelier Sisu on Instagram to keep up with their latest projects.