Giant realistic animal sculptures made entirely of recycled cardboard

London artist Josh Gluckstein creates realistic animal portraits entirely out of cardboard

When we think of famous sculptures, marble and bronze are the types of materials that come to mind. Josh Gluckstein, however, embraces a more commonly found medium for his creative practice. The London-based artist creates realistic animal sculptures by recycling cardboard into different silhouettes.

Gluckstein started using cardboard during the COVID-19 pandemic. “In lockdown, with limited resources and a lot of time to think, I started experimenting with recycled cardboard,” he said.

“The accessibility and versatility of cardboard, with its many shades and textures, allows me to capture the unique details and raw emotions of the animals that inspire them, all while creating zero waste.” From maned lions to orangutans, Gluckstein covers a wide range of animal diversity.

The inspiration for his themes comes from his travels through Asia, Africa and South America. And while it might sound limiting to work with cardboard alone, Gluckstein makes the most of the material by manipulating it into different shapes and textures to mimic the look of skin. Then, when the basic form is complete, he will add the last details with paint.

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