Gina Romand dies. “My Category Blonde decided to fly high”: Gabriel Varela

Gabriel Varela reported that his mother, Gina Romand, died after a week of staying in the hospital.

Roman was a spectacular model who in the 1960s and 1970s became an advertising icon and legend for playing Category Blonde, a character created to promote Superior beer.

“Today, my category blonde decided to fly to the stars. Light up the sky with your shine, fly high, pretty mommy. I will miss you forever,” Gabriel Varela wrote on his Instagram account where he shared a photo of Romand at the time of the 80s, when she became a prestigious actress.

Gina Varela, Romand’s daughter, also fired her mother with a message:

“Beautiful mommy, fly high. You fought like the greats until the end, you are my light, my guide, my strength. Life is going to be very hard without you, I love you mommy, thank you for so much.”