Girl traded her boyfriend for a Mercedes Benz

A video has gone viral on the net, since the girl changed her boyfriend for a Mercedes Benz and generated tremendous controversy.

A TikTok video has generated tremendous controversy after it was seen that a girl changed her boyfriend for a Mercedes.

As a young woman did who preferred a van to her boyfriend and ended up generating a lot of controversy to the point of pointing out that she did not take the best one, since everything ended badly.

The controversial moment was caused by the influencer HotSpanish who, as is known, came out to offer his Mercedes Benz on this occasion.

The viral video shows that the influencer offered several couples a Mercedes Benz van in exchange for ending their love relationship, but many couples said no, until they came across a different one.

And it is that after several rejections, HotSpanish found a young woman who agreed to cut her boyfriend in exchange for the truck, the girl said that she preferred the car to being with her boyfriend, because “things were no longer going well.”

“Love is a Mercedes, it is an opportunity, you should be happy for my achievements,” he said.

When the girl was happiest, she was terribly disappointed, because she not only broke up with her boyfriend, she kissed a stranger and when she thought she would already have her truck, the woman was shocked when they gave her a toy Mercedes Benz.

“It’s a trap, how am I going to lose my boyfriend because of this,” the young woman attacked.

And since the girl traded her boyfriend for a toy Mercedes, she tried to fix everything with her boyfriend. However, apparently it was already too late, so the reactions of the video were not lacking.

They criticized the young woman for having chosen the material.