Gloria Trevi and her origins in ‘XE-TU’, what other artists appeared in this program?

‘XE-TU’ was an eighties program that launched popular singers to fame, including Gloria Trevi.


The Serie “They Are Me: Gloria Trevi” It was already released through the ViX+ platform, and it quickly caused a sensation because this story, unlike the others that were made based on the singer’s life, does have her advice and authorization.

In addition to the history of the singerthe plot shows us some interesting aspects of the history of entertainment in Mexico in general. Thanks to this series, for example, the nostalgic revived the popular program “XE-TU”, where Gloria Trevi had her first steps as an artist; However, the new generations surely did not identify this eighties show, produced by Carla Estrada.

“XE-TU” was, before big channels like MTV or Telehit, a real hotbed of stars; its format may be reminiscent of programs like “Siempre en Domingo”, hosted by Raúl Velazco, What artists went through that show and what was it about? Here we tell you


René Casados ​​was commissioned to lead “XE-TU”, emerged in 1982and throughout the broadcasts he was accompanied by actresses already established as Victoria Ruffo, Gabriela Rivero, Erika Buenfil and Adela Noriega.

Gloria Trevi, precisely, appeared in a broadcast of “XE-TU” to find the double of “Chispita”popular character of soap opera presented at that time by Lucerito; however, he was not the only celebrity to appear there: we can also see a very small Fey in its beginnings… He even surprised a very young Luis Miguel!

stars like Consuelo Duval, Edith Márquez, Pedro Fernández and Andrea Legarreta They also had a stint in “XE-TU”, interpreting various songs and doing other activities that show us that, from a very young age, they had enormous talent.