Gloria Trevi formalizes lawsuit against Chumel Torres for non-pecuniary damage

Gloria Trevi’s lawyer explained that Chumel Torres could not counter-sue for inferring on freedom of expression.

The singer Gloria Trevi filed a lawsuit against the comedian Chumel Torres for moral damages, according to what was revealed by the law firm Ramírez-Penilla-Delgado-Medina.

The legal firm confirmed that the complaint was filed in the civil courts located on Avenida Niños Héroes in the Doctores neighborhood of Mexico City.

The litigants reported that the lawsuit is for non-pecuniary damage and they ask for compensation for the damage and assure that Gloria Trevi is strong and sure that she will not allow herself to continue being accused of something that has already been tried and of which she was acquitted.

At a press conference, lawyer Sergio Ramirez confirmed the claim for moral damages against Chumel Torres, due to “the mentions that this character has been making against Mrs. Gloria Trevi.”

“He has an economic quantification for the damages that he has caused him, above all, what corresponds to the loss of sponsorships that he has had as a result of these mentions that he has been unfoundedly carrying out.

It must be remembered that Mrs. Gloria Trevi was completely acquitted of a process in which she should never have been involved in the end.”

Sergio Ramírez, the singer’s lawyer, said that Chumel Torres was sued for moral damages after a joke made by the comedian through Twitter in May 2022 with a play on words that related the artist’s activity to the case of kidnapping and corruption of minors in which she was involved, and for which she was arrested along with Sergio Andrade in 2000.

Likewise, during an interview, Ramírez pointed out that the singer has not received sponsors for her presentations for years due to attacks against her by the media and communicators, despite having been exonerated by the authorities, which in addition to harming her Morally and emotionally it has affected her heritage.

Chumel Torres responded to the lawsuit that was filed against him and used his Twitter account to “ask” that they no longer sue him and that they first attend to his own, in relation to those of Gloria Trevi in ​​the United States.