Gloria Trevi says she would give the Super Bowl show if it weren’t for her reputation

Recently, she was sued again for corruption of minors in the United States

Gloria Trevi has tried for several years to stop being related to the Andrade case, but apparently it will be something that will haunt her forever.

Although her career has remained stable, Trevi revealed that if her past were different she could be hosting the next Super Bowl halftime show.

Through an interview with Risto Mejide, the interpreter of “Dr. Psychiatrist ”she spoke in depth about the difficulties she has had to go through since her relationship with Sergio Andrade, which continues to wreak havoc in her life.

After being released from prison and acquitted of the charges, Gloria recounted that it was very difficult for her to resume her career as a singer, since the accusations against her were too many, but that her talent has managed to stand out, although not to the level that she would like.

“If that reputation weren’t so damaged, because it still is, I wouldn’t be filling arenas, I would be filling stadiums or, for example, a Super Bowl, a sporting event to be there, to sing,” Gloria Trevi said in the interview.

Finally Gloria remembered the hell she went through in jail, specifically for realizing the trust she had given Sergio