Gloria Trevi “turned the National Auditorium upside down” with this risky pirouette: the viral video

Gloria Trevi literally “flew” over her fans during one of her most recent concerts.


Gloria Trevi He has always been known for offering his best in his concerts, so it is not surprising that he literally turned the National Auditorium “upside down” during one of his presentations.

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The interpreter of hits like The damage count had, during 2023 and so far in 2024, a series of successful concerts at the National Auditorium who endorsed it as one of the most prominent voices in Mexican music.

However, the concert that the Trevi offered on January 20, stood out especially for the risky pirouette with which the singer surprised her fans after literally will fly over them while performing a popular disco hit.

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In a video published on the social network X (formerly Twitter), user @krlz_hrnndzyamr shared the incredible maneuver with which Gloria Trevi ended up drive his fans crazy at the National Auditorium.

In the recording, you see the Monterrey singer perform disco hit Glorysung in its original version in Laura Branigan, while literally “flies” along the enclosure supported by a harness and rope system who kept her safe at all times.

At a certain point in the presentation, even Gloria Trevi had the audacity to “turn upside down” amid the applause of his audiencewho burst into joy at this surprising pirouette.

The short video, just 45 seconds long, It didn’t take long for it to go viral andn other platforms such as TikTok and, of course, accumulated positive comments from Internet users, who They celebrated the energy that Gloria Trevi shows on stage despite the tribulations.