Gmail will compose entire emails and documents with artificial intelligence

Compose texts, emails, generate images and more

A publication on the official website of Google Workspace, the set of applications dedicated to office work, indicated that artificial intelligence will be incorporated into Gmail, Google Docs, Google Slides and even its Meet platform.

In addition, the company stated that all new uses that AI will have in Google applications will be moderated to prevent abuse.

“We do all of this while building safeguards against abuse, protecting the privacy of user data, and respecting customer controls for data governance,” the announcement reads.

Composing emails with artificial intelligence
The first feature is the ability to compose entire emails. Although up to now the AIs suggested short phrases or words mostly used to complete sentences within an email, this new version will be able to generate more complex texts.

Users must write a short sentence that indicates everything they want to express and then press the “Create” button that will be located on the right side of the text box. The message will appear in gray to indicate that it can be edited or improved before it is sent to the recipient.

In addition, artificial intelligence will be able to make suggestions about the writing style.

Generate documents and presentations
Similar to Gmail emails, texts in Google Docs will have the ability to auto-generate depending on the name given to the document.

The tool will open a text box in which some words will be inserted to start the automatic compose. In the event that the suggestion is accepted, you will have to click on the “Insert” button and if it is not convincing, you can try another suggestion with the “Review another” button.

Once the base text is added to the document, the user can make all the changes he deems necessary until the text takes the ideal shape for the job he wants to do.

In the case of presentations, Google Slides will also have a tool to auto-generate presentations in which slides with different possible sub-topics are added to cover a particular topic.

As part of the generative experience of the use of artificial intelligence, specific images may also be requested to accompany each slide with the “Generate Images” button.

Management of virtual meetings in Google Meet
In the case of work meetings that use Google Meet, users will have at their disposal the generation of virtual backgrounds and notes using artificial intelligence, in addition to enabling a workflow function to manage tasks and delivery times in the platform chat.

The notes generated with the software will be activated by voice with the command “take notes for us” and a process of listening and understanding of what is being agreed during the virtual meeting will begin.