Gomita, a VIP Hotel participant, deletes her Instagram photos and leaves a heartfelt message on her profile

The Instagram photos of Gomita, a participant of the VIP Hotel, disappear

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The photos of Gomita’s official Instagram account disappear and her millions of followers notice a message on her profile

Araceli Ordaz, better known as gummysurprised 3.7 million followers in instagram after deleting his photos and leaving only three publications, among which he left a meaning message.

Without giving any explanation, the VIP Hotel participant left everyone in doubt about the whereabouts of her photos, because let’s remember that the young woman shared her best, surprising angles outfits and the best moments of their travels on said social network.

“This is my first project after many years of not daring to give up everything to be able to do what really makes me happythe entertainment that I do for you makes me get out of my sadness, my depression, my anxieties, my insecurities, but today I dare to play and show things that I am and am not, but let the game begin ”, were the words of Gomita at the bottom from one of his only three publications.

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So far, the Gomita publication has more than 68 thousand 500 likes and in it you can see messages of support for their participation in the Hotel VIP, reality show on Channel 5 which premiered last Wednesday.

Gomita competes for a cash prize with 15 celebrities: Martha Figueroa, Manola Diez, Mariana Ávila, Ligia Uriarte, Tefi Valenzuela, Natália Subtil, Vielka Valenzuela, Carlos López “El Chevo”, Christian Estrada, Jorge “Burro” Van Rankin, Roberto Tello, Peewee, Silverio Rocchi, Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera “Colate” and Fer Sagreeb.

Gummy gives classes Twerking to the VIP Hotel panel

After Colate Vallejo-Nágera took his best steps in one of the first chapters of the Hotel VIP, gummy he assured that he tried to give classes of twerking Paulina Rubio’s ex-husband, but the businessman did not give up.

Those who did leave were Mariana Echeverría and Luis “Potro” Caballero, hosts of the reality show panel, because they asked the also clown to teach them how to move the “boat”.

Without hesitation, Jelly Bean stood up and began to do her best. twerkinginfecting the journalist Martha Figueroa and the former soccer player Silverio Rocchi, also participants in the reality show, to get up to dance.

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