Goodbye FIFA! What is the future for the EA Sports video game

With the end of FIFA an era ends but not the games; EA Sports has already announced that it continues for the emblematic video game

The rumor of 2021 became reality and the video game studio Electronic Arts and the International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA) They will end their relationship at the end of this 2022 when the legendary FIFA 2023 title sees the light for existing consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC).

Since last year it was known that the negotiations between the highest soccer body and the California study had been blocked by economic issues. Now, EA Sports, the sports division of Electronic Artsannounced that after the last title they will launch this year will be renamed EA Sports FC (Futbol Club in Spanish) and has immediately given a blow of authority.

If the FIFA wants to release a game with another studio granting its license It will do it without the main leagues in the world because at the same time that EA announces the future of the most important soccer video game, it also exposes the agreements it has reached.

The UEFA Champions League, the most important club competition in Europe, the Copa Libertadores in South America, the Premier League in England, La Liga in Spain, the Bundesliga in Germany and Serie A have already announced that they will be part of the new waiting game of other tournaments that could be confirmed in the coming months.

The end of this contract means for FIFA the loss of its most lucrative agreement outside the World Cups. It is estimated that each year the institution received 150 million dollars for rights issues.

For EA, the termination of this 30-year relationship will prevent him from having the World Cup in his game in its next editions, but it is something that the franchise itself was born with.