Google Calendar gets an update: email invitations now get an improved design

Google Calendar. (photo: RTV News)

Google today announced a new look for the emails invitation to events sent through google-calendar. The company seeks to ensure that recipients of the invitation have the most relevant information about the event in a way that is more accessible from their computers desktop.

The new design will consist of Two parts:

– At the top there will be a card with a summary of the event in question, including possible before and after events

– While at the bottom, there will be a card with all available information about it, including the different ways invitees can join a call on google-meet.

Within each card, the user will have the possibility to accept the invitation, reject it directly or show your possible presence.

Additionally, the new design is designed so that if there is a change, such as a time or location, guests will receive a new version of the invitation that clearly reflects the changes, showing the previous and current information.

Update of Google Calendar.  (photo: Google)
Update of Google Calendar. (photo: Google)

An update to have the relevant information fully in view

Between the two cards you can also arrive some explanatory note that the host of the event has wanted to transmit, for example, the reason for a change after the invitations were initially sent.

This new design will start rolling out to all Google Calendar users, both personal account users and business account customers, with an implementation time of up to 15 days, no action is required in any case by anyone, neither users, nor clients, nor corporate account administrators.

According to Google, “by making key event details more accessible and useful, this update allows you to quickly find and act on the most important information about an event.”

Without a doubt, Google Calendar has more and more competition, especially with the appearance of options that are supposed to be alternatives to Google services, so with today’s variety with an ever-increasing number of options, Google is taking steps to keep up with its competitors.

Google Calendar.  (photo: SF)
Google Calendar. (photo: SF)

Two tips for getting the most out of Google Calendar

1. Keyboard shortcuts

Without a doubt, keyboard shortcuts, for example, in Microsoft Word they are one of the great tools that can be used in such a document program. In the case of Calendar, this option also exists and to activate it, you just have to go to Setting and select ‘Keyboard shortcuts’.

Thus, it will be possible to designate shortcuts such as the ‘c’ key to create an event, the combination of ‘shift’ + ‘/’ to search the calendar or the keys ‘1′, ‘2′, ‘3′ or ‘4′ to change view to day, week, month or 7 days laterrespectively.

Google Calendar.  (photo: Xataka)
Google Calendar. (photo: Xataka)

2. Have a daily agenda

It’s always helpful to have someone else do chores, even when that chore is reminding you of what to do for the day. Nevertheless, it is a bit tedious to have to be creating individual reminders for each activity on a daily basis, so Calendar has the solution for this.

All you have to do is go to ‘Setting’ and choose the calendar with which you want to create a daily agenda in ‘Settings for my calendars’.

Then go to ‘Other notifications’ and in the option ‘Daily schedule’ change of ‘None’ to ‘Email’. In this way, an e-mail will be sent daily in which the tasks to be fulfilled on that day will be specified one by one, according to the activities registered in your virtual calendar.

Google Calendar daily planner.  (photo: YouTube)
Google Calendar daily planner. (photo: YouTube)


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