Google Chrome adds three features to save money and time when shopping online

Google Chrome implements three functions to save money at the time of purchase and in turn, find an item online faster. (photo: SoftZone)

During the end of the year, Google updated its browser with new features for users focused on saving money when shopping online.

Specifically, Google Chrome offers three new extensions that will track which products users want to buy, their prices, and the best time to purchase them.

Price Alerts

In particular, price alerts appear at the top of the Google Chrome window and give you an idea of ​​the item’s previous sale and price.

There is no need to refresh the page, although the tab must be open at all times. This feature is currently only available in Chrome for Android and users of U.S.

Google has ensured that will soon hit the browser for ios, but it is not yet known if it will expand to the rest of the markets.

The company has not clarified whether sales will be displayed in all stores where the item is available for purchase or only on certain websites. But nevertheless, the most probable thing is that the majority of companies and businesses acquire this modality.

Price alerts in Google Chrome.  (photo: Cinco Días - EL PAÍS)
Price alerts in Google Chrome. (photo: Cinco Días – EL PAÍS)

Shopping Basket

Google Chrome can now collect items stored in shopping carts from online stores. To do this, provide direct access via the tab shopping as long as it is accessible from a browser to Windows or Mac.

So, in case you add a product to the cart of an online store, aciddentalmente closes the tab and does not remember the name of the web, you can go to the new google section and see the articles.

Price alerts in Google Chrome.  (photo: Cinco Días - EL PAÍS)
Price alerts in Google Chrome. (photo: Cinco Días – EL PAÍS)

Find products with the camera using Google Lens

At the same time, Google released a feature for Chrome that uses Google Lens. In particular, this function allows you to take pictures of physical objects. For example, the items you see in the shop windows and thus, you can check if it is available in some online stores.

With Lens you will have the ability to view the inventory of products in nearby physical stores, as well as the functionality to search for items similar to a product that is no longer available.

Google Lens.  (photo: Pocket-lint)
Google Lens. (photo: Pocket-lint)

Finally, Google Chrome also makes the process of registration and payment with the ability to save login information to quickly connect or even automatically generate a password when registering on different online portals.

Scan QR codes on your Android with Google Lens

With Google Lens You can solve mathematical equations, know the specific food of the restaurant you’ve been to, and you can even translate the text in front of you in real time. If that’s not enough scan QR codes. To do so, follow these simple steps:

1. Click on a empty space on your desk and enter the options for de widgets.

2. Find the google widget and put it on your phone.

3. An icon will appear at the far right of the search bar. Click this colored square that looks like a camera, is Google Lens.

Google Lens icon on Android.  (photo: Vanguard)
Google Lens icon on Android. (photo: Vanguard)

4. Once you have pressed this option, the Camera with Lens application will open. If you are using it for the first time, you will need to accept the permissions for your phone’s camera and memory.

5. Click “Search with camera” to capture the QR code in front of you. It should be noted that if you have a QR code saved on your phone, you can open it from the gallery.

6. When the on-screen viewfinder appears with everything pointing at the camera, point your mobile phone at the QR code and click on it.

7. Google Lens will give you all the information that the QR hides. If it is a text, it will bring it to the screen; if it is a link, this will allow you to open it directly. Even save a contact, connect to a Wi-Fi network and everything behind the QR.

It should be noted that no ads, it’s free, no external downloads and, the only requirement that you must take into account is to be connected to the internet.

Scanning QR code with Google Lens.  (photo: The Spanish)
Scanning QR code with Google Lens. (photo: The Spanish)


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