Google has tools for businesses to have more online sales this Christmas

Google has cloud tools to benefit retailers. (photo: America Retail)

Google has these tools of electronic commerce designed to help retailers spread the word about holiday discounts. And it is that times are approaching in which the demand in online stores can reach peaks of high demand, for which reason the American firm has some solutions in cloud.

“A solid technological infrastructure is the basis for online sales channels to support traffic and meet consumer demand in peak sales season. Through Google Cloud solutions, companies can scale their operation and improve their performance. In addition, adding value to processes allows them to be redesigned and offer increasingly personalized experiences”, he says. Natalia ScaliterGeneral Manager of Google Cloud Argentina.

Google cloud options for ecommerce

Reducing complexity for the end customer during the purchase process is the key to a successful user experience. The first step, according to Google, is to “identify their needs and deliver the right information in a persuasive and distraction-free manner.”

For example, the Mountain View-based company has Discovery Solutions, which uses all of Google’s expertise in algorithms to improve your customers’ search results in your current e-commerce business, including context-based personalized recommendations.

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Also available Firebase Cloud Messaginga cross-platform messaging option that enables businesses to securely message customers, sync new information, and send notifications to re-engage customers.

Cloud tools to improve the user experience.  (photo: Google)
Cloud tools to improve the user experience. (photo: Google)

Once the product of interest is selected, registration, reviews from other buyers, shopping cart, and transaction options are crucial for Internet users. Here, Google IdentifyService It facilitates the user process by automatically enabling login from different work environments, saving time and interruptions.

In turn, a customizable ‘sign in with Google’ button and automatic login can be added to the merchant page, preventing previous visit records from expiring. This helps to better understand the customer profile.

Cloud tools to improve the user experience.  (photo: Google)
Cloud tools to improve the user experience. (photo: Google)

Finally, in terms of customer service and sales, the artificial intelligence plays a key role in interacting with consumers.

The combined strategy of virtual agents to answer common questions and the personalized attention of human agents during the sale is possible with Contact Center AI, which “provides the operator with suggested answers, excellent content and valuable information to respond to the consultant accurately and specifically”, mentions Google. It also offers the ability to instantly transcribe calls in real time for further analysis.

On the other hand, when virtual agents are selected, Dialog Flow communicates in a “natural way” 24 hours a day through the machine learningreducing information processing times and implementing contact processes through digital channels.

Cloud tools to improve the user experience.  (photo: Google)
Cloud tools to improve the user experience. (photo: Google)

The cloud allows companies to grow in times of high demand

Google mentions that the technology applied to integrate the strategies is key to avoid availability problems and facilitate the scalability required by times of the year where online purchases increase. The cloud allow these capabilities in the companies:

– Businesses are always available

Digital commerce modernization allows store websites and apps to be available 24/7, anywhere, anytime. deviceand that respond instantly to the end user.

– Reduce the possibility of abandonment in online stores

The browsing speed, the display of images, the security and innovation of the website, the mobile applications, the social networks and all touchpoints strive for a smooth user experience and reduce the rate of people abandoning an online store, which positively affects sales.

– Be adapted to current e-commerce

Immediate employee access to data, the use of intelligent algorithms, automation, and an overall strategy for data use allow the company to adapt over time to market behavior, giving it a competitive advantage.

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