Google Lens can now be used from a computer to search with artificial intelligence

The feature’s dedicated button was only usable on the mobile version prior to its desktop modification. (Capture)

in the last few months Google has introduced improvements to its search system to include new functions related to shopping services, restaurants and sustainable transport. However, in recent days he has made a change to the main page of his seeker in which access to another function is integrated.

the company of technology added a camera icon to the far right of the search bar on the main page of Googlewith which users can use Google Lensa feature of the search engine that allows you to search by images inside of platform.

This tool was announced in 2017 as a way in which users from all over the world could interact with physical elements around them, so that the search engine Google can understand what you want Search the user.

Google Lens feature available for image search in Chrome browser.  (Capture)
Google Lens feature available for image search in Chrome browser. (Capture)

However, this tool first had to go through versions specific to the Wizard. GooglePhotos app, system Android, iOS Y Chrome for mobile before reaching the main desktop platform.

Difference with Google image search

Before the integration of Google Lens to the desktop version of Chromethe search engine had a special section for searching images in which only results that currently belong to the section of Images which can be selected in the tab dedicated to this content within the seeker.

However, there is currently a difference between this type of result and the search with images which is done with lens. Unlike the Images section, this new function of search has a different interface when used.

Image search with Google Lens.  (Capture)
Image search with Google Lens. (Capture)

Once the user clicks on the icon Google Lensthe browser opens a small window in which it is possible to upload an image that is saved on the device or insert the link direct to one that is available somewhere website. This is another difference with respect to the previous way of carrying out these searches, since it was necessary to download an image or take a screenshot.

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After uploading the image to search for, Lens will redirect the user to a screen divided into two spaces: the first located on the left will have as its center the image to search for, while the one on the right will show similar results in addition to the source from which the image was extracted in case it was downloaded from somewhere website.

Search interface with Google Lens.  (Capture)
Search interface with Google Lens. (Capture)

As an additional detail, Google Lens has the ability to recognize texts within the images that were uploaded to your system to perform the searchbecause in addition to showing similar images, this tool has the ability to translate the words that it identifies as part of the file.

To activate this feature, users will need to upload to Google Lens an image or Photography that contains text and then click on the option Translate located at the bottom of the left screen tool. You can see that the translated words will be identified in the section on the right.

Google Lens has a translation feature enabled within its system.  (Capture)
Google Lens has a translation feature enabled within its system. (Capture)

In case you want to change the language of the translation, you will have to search among the options available in the upper button of the left screen of Lens. The options are varied and similar to those presented by the tool of the Translator of Google.


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