Google Maps has a new voice in Spanish

Google Maps has a new voice with improvements. (photo: 20Minutes)

Google Mapsthe map application preferred by many users, It has a voice that guides the user to navigate through the city roads. In this way, people can get directions without having to take their eyes off the road to see their smartphone screen.

The application of Google also recently updated. Now it includes the possibility of choosing between different types of voices in the Spanish language, and changing it is simple. Next Infobae brings how to do it.

The step by step to change the voice in Google Maps

The first thing to do to change the voice in Google Maps for the new version presented by the company is update it apps. If you have a android smartphonecan be done from Google Play Store.

Simply go to the Google app store and type “Google Maps” in the search bar. Then click on the Google Maps app and click on ‘To update’.

If the option cannot be seen, the app may have been updated automatically. Or, failing that, the new version has not yet been received. The best thing to do in the latter case is to wait for the update to install automatically. Nevertheless, and if you want to test the voice of the new browser, you can download the latest apk version.

Google Maps.  (photo: Google Play Store)
Google Maps. (photo: Google Play Store)

However, if you have a iPhone, To update the Google Maps application you have to go to the app storeclick on the account icon and go to the update section.

Finally, check if there is a new version available, or if it has been updated recently.

Google Maps.  (photo: App Store)
Google Maps. (photo: App Store)

Once the app is updated, It’s time to change the navigation voice. Here is the step by step:

1. Go to Google Maps and click on the account icon that appears at the top of the screen.

2. Then select ‘settings’ and click on the option ‘Navigation settings’.

3. Now, in the section ‘Sound and voice’, enable a number of settings:

– Be quiet: Click on ‘Alerts only’ if you want the new Google Maps voice to speak only when necessary. On the contrary, if you want the voice to indicate all the navigation, click on ‘Sounds on’.

– Volume indicator: Google, by default, includes the level of regular sound. However, you can choose a lower sound if your ride is quiet or if you don’t want to disturb other passengers. Or, a louder sound if the car is too noisy and you won’t hear instructions.

Finally, click on the option ‘voice selection’ for Choose between two voices available in Spanish. A sample can be heard in the ‘Play Test Sound’ option on the screen.

Google Maps.  (photo: Google)
Google Maps. (photo: Google)

Google Maps allows you to return to the past of places in the world with this option

To be able to travel through time with Google Maps, you only need access the platform both on the website and on the mobile app.

Once there, you have to select the address you want to verify. Once this step is complete, drag the icon bar from google streetview and project it so that the map service provides a virtual walk through the streets of the chosen destination. In a matter of seconds you can enjoy the view of the street of the city or town in question.

Keep in mind that the cars that record the cities in Google Maps usually update the big cities more frequently, so it is probably lThe app will provide a better experience if you walk through cities like Lima, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, among others.

Parque Kennedy in the city of Lima, Peru seen on Google Maps in 2012. (Photo: Google Maps/Jose Arana)
Parque Kennedy in the city of Lima, Peru seen on Google Maps in 2012. (Photo: Google Maps/Jose Arana)

When a particular address has been reached and want to know what it was like in the past,just click on the clock icon that will appear below the street where the user is located. Once completed, the cartographic platform will give the possibility of browse between different images taken since 2007 (depending on the city or place).

Example: If you were to go through Kennedy Park in Lima, you would have up to 18 Google Maps car hits. The first data of this place came out in 2012; at that time, there was not yet a parking lot below the place or some of the most prestigious restaurants in the capital.

Kennedy Park in the city of Lima, Peru seen on Google Maps in 2015. (Photo: Google Maps/Jose Arana)
Kennedy Park in the city of Lima, Peru seen on Google Maps in 2015. (Photo: Google Maps/Jose Arana)


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