Google Maps: This is how you can save gas using this application

Google Maps offers users who have a vehicle the possibility of choosing the most efficient routes that save time and fuel to reach their destinations. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File) (Dado Ruvic/)

A new functionality of Google Maps offers users who have a vehicle the possibility of choosing the most efficient routes that allow save time Y gas to reach their destinations.

In order to enter these ecological routes, it will be necessary for users to access the menu Route Options when you are calculating a route and verify that the option “Give priority to routes with fuel economy”. This option will also be available from the Settings menu, within the Navigation settings.

This feature also allows users to customize Google Maps according to your needs and those of your vehicle, so that, among the options of possible routesa route that benefits fuel economy also appears.

Type of motor

This specification is very important to be able to properly configure the ecological routes for the vehicle. Users will be able to select if they own a vehicle with an engine that runs on gasoline, diesel; if it is electric or hybrid, so that the shortest route will be chosen and that benefits the consumption savings.

traffic congestion
The ecological routes of Google Maps are not always the shortest, so the user will have to choose if they want to save fuel or time. (Andean)

Furthermore, in the event that it is decided to change vehicle by a different one, either because a new one has been acquired or because another one is being used in a particular case, users will be able to do so through the Navigation settings in the Change option type of motor.

most efficient route

When the selected fuel type and the destination has been configured, among the possible routes to travel, the leaf icon, which will point to one as the most convenient for fuel savings, although this does not always mean that they are the shortest. Users will occasionally have to choose what kind of route is more useful For your needs.

In order to have a clear perspective of the benefit of this functionality of Google Maps, a estimated percentage of fuel or energy that will be saved if you decide to travel along the route indicated as ecological. To make this calculation, Google considers the average fuel consumption or energy of vehicles in the area, in addition to other factors such as the level of elevation, traffic and the type of roads.

Although this service remains exclusive in countries such as the United States, Canada, Spain, France and other 40 countries in Europeit is not ruled out that it is possible to expand this service to other regions such as Latin America.

More sustainable travel

In addition to offering this service that prioritizes sustainabilityGoogle has also developed other tools that allow users who are concerned about the impact that their trips cause to ecological levelthe technology company decided to implement to its services GoogleFlights some filters that allow us to find plane tickets and hotels that have the least possible impact on sustainability.

Google Flights (Screenshot)
Google Flights (Screenshot)

For this it will only be necessary:

– Access the website and search for the airport origin as well as destination.

– Locate the filter emissions located to the right in the filter bar.

– Click on the filter and select the option “All broadcasts”

In this way, users will be able to find the plane ticket that allows the person’s carbon footprint not to increase as much compared to other possible flights that would have had a negative impact on the environment.


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