Google offers search tools for more sustainable travel

Google Flights offers several tools to identify sustainable travel options

A study published by in April this year indicates that at least 71% of the Travellers around the world want to travel to their destinations in a way more sustainable and less impactful environmentbut they lack the necessary information to take it into account when choosing a flight.

It is because of that Google has developed digital tools oriented to these people so that they can find tickets on flights or other means of transport in which an amount of carbon emissionsso that users who want to take that information into account when making a purchase can access it faster.

According to the technology company, its services of search transport and even accommodation have a filter that allows you to make a comparison between several options, so that the cost-sustainability balance is made for people who consider it important and feel comfortable during their trip.

The flights that appear in the search tool, GoogleFlightscan be sorted by category “Emissions”, which allows users to determine which routes they want to take to get to their destination quickly. In the same way, the accommodations can also be ordered with the tag of “Ecological Certification”.

Google Flights (Screenshot)
Google Flights (Screenshot)

In both cases, these filters can be even more specific and prioritize, for example, flights with low emissions relative to others on the same route, or just view accommodations that they have one ecological certification at your facilities.

Google claims that the accuracy of these filters to display more suitable results for users is being improved with the help of organizations specialized in the field of sustainable tourism to provide a better service and update the database of eco certifications.

Trains are also a viable option

Train travel is a good option to get around and reduce carbon emissions generated during the transfer. These services are much more ecological because they can host several passengers on the same route, which allows for much lower carbon emissions per person.

Searching for hotels on Google Flights (Screenshot)
Searching for hotels on Google Flights (Screenshot)

According to the European Environment Agency (EEA), “road vehicles account for more than 70% of greenhouse gas emissions. greenhouse effect in the European Union, compared to almost 1% of the train”.

That is why, for some countries in which train travel are common, the search engine Google Search will allow users to buy travel tickets in this service directly from the platform. This feature, at least for now, is only available on selected countriessuch as Germany, Spain, Italy and Japan.

When searching for train tickets, the seeker of Google Search will display a module that will have information about the routes, the hours at which they leave the station and the price they have. When the user decides for to buy one, you just need to click on the option you prefer and you will be redirected to the Web of the transport company to make the purchase.

Buy train tickets on Google Search (Screenshot)
Buy train tickets on Google Search (Screenshot)

“We plan to test a similar feature for bus tickets in the near future to expand travel options between cities,” Google says on its official blog.

Although the function of trains is limited, the American company indicates that it will be able to expand to other countries in which collaborations with other train companies can be established.


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