Google presents the maps of the future with artificial intelligence for Maps

Traditional maps would be left behind in Maps to give way to the future with plans generated by artificial intelligence and other Google technologies

With artificial intelligence and predictive models, the maps of the future would come to Maps thanks to the technology developed and implemented by Google for its assisted navigation service used by millions of users around the world.

In this way, and thanks to the technological advances mentioned, the current conventional maps limited to two dimensions would give way to multidimensional views of the environments, allowing them to be explored as if one were there.

This potential in the immersive view promoted by the technological giant would be one of the revolutionary changes in its service, as was its ability to offer traffic data in real time in its navigation mode.

The maps of the future that Google will bring to Maps
In a futuristic way that had only been seen in video games, Google Maps users could soon tour cities from an aerial view with the option of entering any building or public place to see its interior virtually.

On the other hand, the productive models in these futuristic maps would offer the possibility of consulting how a place will be in a week, a month or any time that the user decides.

Currently, Google’s innovative inversion view offers images of 250 emblematic places, expanding to five major cities in the coming months.