Google TV will have free television channels, this is the list

GoogleTV. (photo: RPP)

If any Infobae reader has a television with google tvthe entertainment platform of Googleyou must already know that you are one of the most useful systems for finding new content in all yearsstreaming servicesWhat Netflix either Prime Video.

But there is one type of content that is still outside the scope of the platform, at least for the time being: traditional television. It’s easy to forget that millions of people are still enjoying “normal” TV, no matter how big the streaming platforms grow.

Now, it is known that the channels of Google TV are just around the corner, at least in the United States, where some of the first free channels that will come to Google TV have been leaked.

Television on Google TV

As 9to5Google discovered, users will soon be able to watch traditional TV channels on GoogleTV, at least initially in the US. Details were discovered in the bowels of the latest version of Android TV (where Google TV is the successor/redesign, it’s as complicated as ever at Google).

It was important for users to mention the presence of TV channels, directly accessible through the Google TV interface. Initially, 50 channels will be accessible for free without registration.

In fact, users won’t even need to subscribe to anything or download any additional software, so the channels will appear as one more option in the TV interface.

Android TV Remote Service app.  (photo: GooglePlay)
(photo: GooglePlay)

Since the feature will initially roll out in the US, it’s no surprise that the first channels available are from that country; there are many channels, from news channels to channels dedicated to specific audiences like kids and specific content like movies or sports. In the list are recognizable names like ABC, CBC, NBC, Kevin Hart, USA Today, World Poker Tour and The Asylum.

Google won’t be the first to offer live TV on its interface, and other brands like Samsung already allow access to hundreds of channels directly from the home screen and over the Internet without an antenna or cable connection.

It will be interesting if Google manages to expand this list, as well as if it will start offering the service to other countries. Regarding the issue of rights, it is a bit more complicated, since Google will have to negotiate with the Spanish channels so that their content is available on all of Google TV.

What is Google TV

This tool, announced a few months ago, gradually began to reach users who have a profile linked to a Google account. This option offers recommendations for movies, shows, and services.

To add a profile, From the home screen, you have to access the user’s photo and choose the option add account, as well as log in with it and follow its configuration instructions.

google tv
Google TV is available for iOS

Preferences and interests, as well as watchlists, remain separate from other users’ lists or home profiles on Google TV as part of these new customization options.

The user can create a list for his discoveries. It is possible to add interesting series and movies to the tool called My list to collect new content and watch it later.

My list is shared across devices, so you can add content to it from your TV, phone, or mobile device by searching with any browser.

In addition to centralizing the streaming applications that users are subscribed to and having watchlists, the platform offers the possibility of accessing information such as the films that inspired the lives and careers of famous people.

It also allows you to rate productions and programs using the buttons I like it Y Dislikeas well as access to personalized news and reviews according to the tastes of the users.


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