Google will finance independent game developers in Latin America

Google will award up to 2 million dollars to games created by small independent developers located in Latin America. (photo: Google)

The technology company Google announced that applications for the Indie Games Fundan economic support fund that will award up to 2 million dollars to the games created by small independent developers Located in Latin America.

The contest, which is organized by the company itself, will accept project applications until 31 October of this year, although this period may be extended to November 15 or until all funds have been distributed to their respective winners.

According to the Fund’s official website, the prize money will be distributed among 10 selected developersso each one will receive a prize of around 150,000 and 200,000 dollars (which will not include tax payments) so that studios can improve their games.

contest requirements

In order to participate in this announcement and be eligible to win the financingthe developer must:

– Be registered in any of the countries Latin America and the islands of Caribbeanexcept for Cuba. If the company is based in an ineligible country, but has operations in this region, it remains ineligible.

Video game development for the Google Play Store (Google)
Video game development for the Google Play Store (Google)

– Must be a small developer company with no more than 50 employees.

– The product must be a stand-alone game with high growth potential.

– The game must be published on the Google Play Store and/or on any other distribution platform.

– Winners must commit to spend all of the money in the Fund to build or grow the game in google playin addition to making it available to Google PlayPassthe company’s paid service for ad-free apps and games.

– Developers must provide details about their growth plans as part of the application process.

How to register

If a video game development company meets the requirements, then you can apply by following these steps:

Google's Indie Games Fund (Screenshot)
Google’s Indie Games Fund (Screenshot)

– Go to the page of Developers on AirGoogle’s digital developer events program (

– Find the event Indie Games Fund in Latin America and click on the “Watch Now” link.

– On the program website, look for the box with the link “LearnMore”.

– Finally, on the new site, click on the “Apply Now” box and fill out the application form.

The developers must include personal contact information, indicate the position they hold in the company, as well as the name of the company and in which country it operates. In addition, detailed information about the team within the company, their monthly earnings, official website and their profiles on social networks will be included.

Regarding the game, the name, a description, platforms on which it is available, profits produced, among other details that will allow Google to learn more about the product of the independent company’s work will be asked.

Just as it wants to do in Latin America, Google has already held a similar version of this contest with video game development companies at the Indie Games Festival in Europe, Korea and Japan this year.


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