Got mad? Kuno Becker’s reaction to learning that the tiktoker is named in his honor

Kunno revealed the story behind his name and stated that it is named after the Mexican actor, who shared his opinion after hearing the news.

After it was done viral a video in which Sebastian Yatra confesses to Kunno what is your “ideal guy“, The tiktoker gave something to talk about again. But this time it is not because of his catwalks in New York or his desire to be part of the Superbowl halftime, but because of the origin of his name, as it turns out that the influencer is named in honor of the actor Kuno becker, who did not hesitate to express his opinion on this revelation.

It was during his participation in the third season of reality Who is the 2021 mask that the tiktoker confirmed that his mother decided to give him Kunno in tribute to the Mexican actor, known for the movie Goal! and soap operas such as Primer amor, Soñadoras and Fuego ariente.

Kunno it was one of the first Famous in being unmasked in the Televisa program, as the investigators did not take long to discover that he was behind Hood. Once the costume was removed, the tiktoker revealed the story behind his name.

“Actually I got what feverish from my mom, greetings Susi, she always liked it Kunno Becker And he said, ‘You know what? Is that going to be your name? ‘, And I:’ Mom, ok ‘, but I didn’t want the copy to be seen, so he put it with two’ n ‘, that’s why it’s more unique. I was born with the name of an artist ”, declared.