Grandparents go viral for riding in a wheelchair and skateboarding

On social networks some grandparents go viral for their way of walking through the streets, he in a wheelchair and she uses a skateboard.

Social networks have viralized a moment that some consider an example of an attitude towards old age, and that is that some grandparents go viral because of the way they go for a walk through the streets.

The couple belongs to the commune of Talcahuano, Bío Bío region, they were captured traveling down the street in an electric wheelchair that is attached to a skateboard. In this way the two older adults can be easily transported.

Pablo Aedo and Verónica Aguayo, are the couple that has gone viral from Talcahuano, they were recorded when they were walking on the street.

It was then that a local media outlet located and interviewed them. Don Pablo said “I once told my wife that somehow this, perhaps, will reach the social networks, but I did not think it would be such a big deal.”

Although hiding his surprise, he specified that through the same social networks they have received many greetings and congratulations.

“How nice, how good that they love each other,” said Don Pablo.

For her part, granny Verónica said that she is not afraid of falling while moving down the street: “I had already practiced on the scooter, so I already manage balance”.

“Thank God nothing has happened to us so we will continue walking the streets together, which is the main thing,” Aguayo pointed out.