Great atmosphere in the Historic Center with Christmas photos

Groups of friends and families visit the first painting of the city in the season.

A good atmosphere is still lived in the historic center when families go to take the photos of the memory of this Christmas 2021 that has just passed

And it is that there is a very beautiful tree on the part of the city hall of the capital in which people like it and they are going to take selfies as well as the beautiful bear of lights outside the cathedral of course without missing the stars that overlook the kiosk to the manger and many lights that are in the square making it the meeting point of its visitors.

From the afternoon groups of friends and families visit the historic center where in addition to visiting these places they spend unforgettable afternoons in the bars, cafes and squares, another of the also favorite places without a doubt is the San Francisco garden where also They have another beautiful Christmas tree that has been liked by many of Potosinos as well as tourists.

I am on the lookout because there are already many cultural activities such as painting exhibitions, book reading and some workshops and it is always a lot of fun to have something to learn again in the cultural venues that are in the center of the city.