“Great kicking technique and hard as a nail”: Ajax published the reports of the follow-up he did to Lisandro Martínez before hiring him

Lisandro Martinez played three seasons at Ajax (Photo by Maurice van STEEN / ANP / AFP) (MAURICE VAN STEEN /)

The Argentinian Lisandro Martinez joined the Man Utd After three seasons in the Ajax from Amsterdam, who has just revealed the details of how the defender was followed up from the age of 19 before he arrived at the Dutch club. That task was in charge of the talent recruiters who were making reports of his performance, in which they highlighted him for his “great kicking technique and tough as nails”.

“The first time we saw Licha,” the club wrote on their social networks. The first reference was in January 2017, when Martínez played a match with the Argentine Sub 20 against his similar from Peru. The first signs were good: “He plays as a left central defender and has a good technique with precise short and long passes,” wrote the informant.

Although the interest is concrete, it was in April 2018, when Licha stood out again. This time during a game of his then club, Defensa y Justicia, against Boca Juniors. “Great kicking technique and extremely versatile. He leads the field, he’s tough as nails and he plays with courage”, described the emissary.

Dutch informants were convinced by Martínez's actions in Defense and Justice (Photo Baires)
Dutch informants were convinced by Martínez’s actions in Defense and Justice (Photo Baires) (Juan Jose Garcia/)

After that, Ajax’s interest became more concrete. In September of the same year, Martínez’s physical prowess was highlighted during a match against Banfield. “He has a robust build, he is physically strong and his agility is good. His jumping power and speed are also excellent.” “Almost ambidextrous with a functional technique,” the observer stressed.

In that game it was clear that the player from Gualeguay would fit in well with Ajax: “In possession of the ball, he participates well in construction and is always available. Lisandro wants the ball and is always on the move, even if he doesn’t receive it. When the opponent has possession of the ball, he can play with space behind him and he is strong one-on-one.”

It was also noted that “Lysander is sharp, fierce, and rock-hard when needed. He has a true winner’s mindset, keeping his cool but quickly flipping the switch when things need to be brighter or sharper. Always everything one hundred percent.”

Licha is one of the fixtures of Scaloni's calls in the National Team (REUTERS / Agustin Marcarian)
Licha is one of the fixtures of Scaloni’s calls in the National Team (REUTERS / Agustin Marcarian) (AGUSTIN MARCARIAN /)

The conclusion after this game was clear in the scouting report: “Keep following with emphasis and check again as soon as possible. This may well be Nico Tagliafico’s second; a true defender who knows what he is”.

In March 2019, the interest continued and scouts became more and more convinced: “Martinez is a player who reads the game and plays with insight. He is proactive, dares to cover and anticipates the balls that are played. A player who is right in his decisions and has an excellent touch with his left foot. midfield.”

After this match, Lisandro also met the scouts for the first time. The presentation was very positive. “The player was calm and confident and is looking forward to taking the next step in his career.”

Later, in the April 2019 report, scouts were convinced. “His pass into the game with the left is excellent; hard and clean, so that several opponents are immediately out of the game. His long ball is also good. He sends a ball thirty to forty meters to the midfielders running behind. defense, so that they are directly in one-on-one with the goalkeeper. He has the ball on a string when he dribbles and he almost always has a good follow up on his pass. His timing is good, so Lisandro wins a lot of headers. He approaches physical duels with total dedication and partly due to his keen insight, he does it excellently.”

The emissaries were clear in the last report and Martínez would be a reinforcement for Ajax: “Technically and with insight, a player who can play at the level of the Ajax Champions”. Finally, Martínez signed a contract with Ajax in May 2019 that came into force on July 1, 2019. The Argentine played a total of 120 official matches with Ajax, scoring 6 goals and giving 6 assists.

Martinez joined the Man Utd in exchange of €67 million ($68.3 million) and will again be under the command of Erik Ten Hag, who directed him at Ajax, and stated that Lisandro “is a warrior”. She signed a contract until 2027 and is also a fixture in the calls for Lionel Scalloni in the Argentine national team and is shaping up to be able to play his first World Cup between November 21 and December 18 in Qatar.


Follow-up of Lisandro Martínez at AjaxFollow-up of Lisandro Martínez at AjaxFollow-up of Lisandro Martínez at AjaxFollow-up of Lisandro Martínez at AjaxFollow-up of Lisandro Martínez at Ajax


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