Greta Cervantes, actress of ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’, is trapped in Israel

Israel and Gaza are once again in the middle of an armed conflict. In this attack, Hamas fired thousands of rockets in the direction of Israel and also attempted to infiltrate its fighters through various means, including land, sea and air.

In the midst of these events, Greta Cervantes, a Mexican actress currently in Israel, shared her experience on TikTok during the armed conflict.

In his videos, he revealed details about his situation and how he was sheltering in Israeli territory. His publications caused a great impact on social networks.

Actress Greta Cervantes is currently in Israeli territory, where she was stranded as she reported on social media with a TikTok where she narrates her experience.

In the TikTok, she relates that these have been crucial and complicated hours after the Hamas attack on Israel, where the actress shares that she has remained alert and emphasizes that every time they hear an alert sound, she and company go into a safe room. .

«They have been super difficult hours for us, for all Israelis, I believe, my heart is here and I just want to tell and inform everyone who has sent a message: I am fine.

Thanks for asking, I’m safe, of course it’s a very complicated situation.

Every time we hear sirens or every time we are afraid we go into the security room,” he reveals.