‘Gringa’ surprises undocumented boyfriend with a trip to Mexico

  • The video of a ‘gringa’ woman who surprised her undocumented boyfriend with a vacation trip to Mexico went viral on social networks.

Being taken on a surprise trip without spending a single penny is always nice. However, a ‘gringa’ went viral by hiding from her supposedly undocumented boyfriend that they were going on vacation to Tijuana, Mexico; This is how the poor man reacted.

The video of a ‘gringo’ woman who surprised her boyfriend, who was allegedly undocumented, with a vacation that he will never forget went viral on social networks. This is because without telling him she took him to Tijuana and told him just when they crossed the border into Mexico.

Boyfriend’s reaction when he found out they were going to Tijuana without US papers

In the video, the boyfriend is seen covering his eyes, when suddenly, the American woman told him that it was time to see what the surprise was. At this, the man confusedly thought that they were at the airport, but later he learned that they were near Mexico for a vacation to Tijuana.
“Open your eyes. “We are going to Tijuana,” said the gringo bride.

The boyfriend still couldn’t believe that they were close to the border, the United States and Mexico, to go on vacation to Tijuana. However, when he saw the national soldiers, he realized it was true.