Grupo Frontera appreciates the support of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador: “we want to meet him in person”

The Mexican regional group has been mentioned by the president several times in the morning

He Frontier Groupicon of the current boom of the genre regional mexicanbrings his first album, “The beginning”, to Mexico, where they appreciate the support shown by the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

“The truth is that we are very grateful for that because, if we had never thought of leaving where we are, which is the Valley of Texas, imagine that the president of Mexico recognizes you,” says its vocalist, Adelaido “Payo” Solis III, from Mexico City.

Grupo Frontera includes, on its 12-song album, hits that they have achieved in the last year by collaborating with other artists, such as “Que vuelves”, with carin leonand “unX100to”, with Bad Bunnywith which they conquered the first place of the 50 most listened to songs globally in Spotify.

But Payo says that his father showed the greatest pride when he shared a video of López Obrador, who in his morning press conference has exhibited three hits from the group: “No se va”, “Frágil” and “unX100to”, considering them exponents of the current Mexican music.

“I’m waiting to meet him in person and he had sent us something, he sent each of us a few gifts and thank you very much, a big greeting to AMLO (López Obrador),” says the singer.

A success that transcends borders

The group, formed in the American city of Edinburg, Texas, achieved sudden success in 2022, with a version in the regional Mexican genre of “No se va”, by the Colombian group morat. It now has more than 35.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify. But Juan Javier Cantú, voice and accordion of the group, does not consider it to be a sudden popularity, but rather the result of the work and humility that united them since 2019, when they made versions of hits.

«Each one gives their seasoning to the group and that is why Frontera is as it is, that is why we have reached where we have arrived, because we always try to keep our feet on the ground, help each other when someone is doing something wrong. Here we are. We are all brothers ”, he asserts.

Grupo Frontera symbolizes the current heyday of the Mexican regional, a macrogenre that groups the band, the norteña, the grupera and the corridos lying downwhich is now conquering international lists with figures like Carin León, firm group and Featherweightthree artists with whom the group has collaborated.

“We come from Juan Gabriel, Vicente Fernández. It is a job that these artists have already done, a hard job and that we are already resuming Mexican music. I think it’s just moments, so the moment is now, it’s up to us to take up the torch and thank God the public has given that torch to us”, comments Alberto «Beto» Acosta, bajo quinto.

As he demonstrated his theme with Bad Bunny, their success is not limited to the Mexican public, so now they would like to collaborate with singers like Bruno Mars and Post Malone. In fact, they say that they receive many messages on social networks from people who learn Spanish to listen to their songs, especially in the United States, as they remember that being from the border they are not “neither from here nor from there.”

«It means a lot to us (success in Mexico and in the United States, we call ourselves Grupo Frontera because it is where we are from, from the border, we were born in Texas, we are literally five minutes from the border with Mexico, where our family is ”, says percussionist Julian Peña Jr.

They prepare a tour of Mexico

Despite its international success and its border origins, Grupo Frontera confesses that its greatest emotion is being close to its audience in Mexico, where on August 31 they begin their national tour with a concert in the northern city of Monterrey.

«It is what we came to, ‘The Beginning’ for us is everything, because we did battle, we did fight, yes (there was) sweat, tears and everything to be able to get these songs out and now let’s wait and we can get people to cry by singing our songs”, concludes Julián.