Guillermo Pous defends the image of Eduard Magallanes before Iván Aguilera, son of Juan Gabriel

Guillermo Pous / Juan Gabriel with his son, Iván Aguilera.

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Lawyer Guillermo Pous is in charge of legally representing teacher Eduardo Magallanes because it is known of the intention to include it in the docuseries of John Gabriel for a streaming platform that is preparing its heir, Ivan Aguilera.

“Be warned, there may be consequences”

“What I did was notify both Netflix and the Mix production house, as well as the universal heir and executive producers who are going to participate in the production of this documentary to let them know that for no reason they can exploit the image of maestro Eduardo Magallanes. in this production for not agreeing to be linked to it.”

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Regarding the possibility of Magellan being referred to, even under another name, the lawyer is blunt: “There is no way they can create a character that meets the requirements of Master Magellan and that could be understood to not be one, that is, the Maestro was the person who gave Don Alberto the first opportunity to be Juan Gabriel, that is, he was signed with him and gave him the opportunity to release the single I have no money, and Maestro Magallanes is the one who produced the last album in his life. Don Alberto, who is dressed in evening dress, was a close person, he is the only person who was authorized to write an authorized biography.

“There should not be a character like that, can they? Yes, they have the freedom to do it because that is what freedom of expression is for, should they? No, because they are warned, what happens? There can be consequences and contingencies, and That is why we want to avoid it.”

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Regarding these consequences, Guillermo Pous points out: “Civil and administrative lawsuits for the unauthorized use of the image, for the use of personal data, for the possible use of confidential information, for the intrusion into private life and endless opportunities that I “I would simply have to defend Master Magallanes and not allow his rights to be lost.”

“The musical part is a right that Iván Aguilera undoubtedly has and can fully dispose of”

Regarding the musical part of which Maestro Magallanes was a part, Pous also refers: “As for the musical part, that is a right that Iván Aguilera undoubtedly has and can fully dispose of.”

Guillermo Pous hopes that the warning carried out will bear fruit and neither his image nor that of Master Magallanes will be used.

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“Just as I notified them that for no reason I would allow them to use my image, in the same way I just did it with Maestro Magallanes, plus other clients that I have who also asked me to initiate actions against them, we are not going to do it.” know until this product is finished and we can see it, until that moment we will know, they have the opportunity not to do it or, on the contrary, we could argue a malicious attitude because despite having notified them, they did not care, which could come this risk.”

Strong words from the lawyer in relation to the debt that Iván Aguilera has with him: “He has not paid me; After six years of working as executor of the estate, Iván Aguilera refused to pay me, he is being sued civilly to judicially force him to settle the fees of the executor of the estate, he has not contacted me in any way. “Iván is a person who, unfortunately, like his father, had the good habit of not paying.”