Gustavo Adolfo Infante assured Luis Miguel is getting married and already gave the engagement ring

The journalist assured that Luis Miguel would be about to reach the altar with his girlfriend Paloma Cuevas

After staying away from the spotlight for years, Luis Miguel already has new plans for his professional and personal life. It is known that the singer of La unconditional is planning to do an international concert tour for 2023 and would also be in the process of getting married again.

This was reported by Gustavo Adolfo Infante in his First Hand program, as he assured that he had already given his engagement ring to Paloma Cuevas, this would confirm that she was the woman with whom he was seen on several occasions when Internet users said he was “rejuvenated”. .

“I am able to confirm that this week, a couple of days ago, Luis Miguel gave an engagement ring to Paloma Cuevas, who was his friend,” explained the show host.

As explained by Gustavo Adolfo, Luis Miguel would be planning to marry Paloma Cuevas in 2023, it was also reported that he would perform two weddings, one in Spain and the other in Mexico, both ceremonies would be held in luxury.

On the other hand, it was revealed that he will work again with his former manager Alejandro Asensi, whom he fired when he found out about his relationship with his daughter Michelle Salas. This breaking of any employment relationship and the closeness between the two was portrayed in the sixth chapter of Luis Miguel: the series the production of the Netflix platform.

It is very unlikely that Luis Miguel will confirm or expand details about these important events on his social networks, since the singer is usually very reserved and constantly limits himself to posting updates about the records that his music has broken or photographs of concerts in past years. .