Gustavo Adolfo Infante attacks Ana Gabriel for criticism in concert

The driver commented that it was not fair that the singer had used concert time to talk about her political positions when the public wanted to see her on stage

The driver Gustavo Adolfo Infante attacked the singer-songwriter Ana Gabriel, after she had a clash at a concert over the weekend, which earned her criticism from her audience.

The singer apparently arrived at the concert in a bad mood, since it was later revealed that her hotel had leaks and that bothered her, in addition to the fact that she began to declare political opinions in her presentation and the attendees were annoyed, for which they asked her who would sing better

Given these facts, the host Gustavo Adolfo Infante decided to talk about the facts in the De Primera Mano program and pointed out that it was a serious mistake on the part of Ana Gabriel to speak at a concert about politics.

“Don’t get artists into politics, Juan Gabriel had a tremendous scandal when: ‘Neither Temoc, nor Chente, Francisco is going to be president’, but a serious mistake.”

In addition to the fact that he called this reckless, he indicated that it was not fair to arrive at the concert with bad faces when the public was looking forward to it and had gone to see it to hear it sing, but not to know what its political determinations were in life.

Finally, he closed his comment by emphasizing that the one who pays is in charge and this is how Ana Gabriel should respect the fans who paid a ticket to see her sing.